Making The Most Of Bird Feeders That Are Squirrel Proof

Bird Seed Feeders Squirrel ProofSquirrels truly seem to be everyplace you look. Their presence is ubiquitous, and they are not always welcome. Squirrels can be particularly vexing to anyone who has taken the time to establish a bird feeder, only to find that most of the seed has not been eaten by birds, but by these pesky little visitors. Because squirrels love birdseed, they can make keeping a feeder around for birdwatching purposes a futile experience. When you discover that your seed has not gone to the birds, you should give some thought to purchasing on the bird seed feeder squirrel proof that is made to be squirrel proof.

Lots of feeders on the market claim to be impenetrable by squirrels. Lots of people believe such promises, spending their hard-earned money on such products. Also, lots of money goes to bird seed that is ultimately eaten by creatures other than birds.

One of these highly-touted feeders is dome-shaped in order to deter squirrels from the feast inside. Bird seed can be kept inside by the dome-like top portion. The dome prevents squirrels from finding seed on the feeder’s surface, and stops them from ever reaching the rest.

Other feeders offer an integrated weight system that is triggered when squirrels climb atop the feeder. Once this happens, the seed is secreted away so that it remains available to birds only. Some find this to be an effective solution to their squirrel problem.

Another option is an innovative type of feeder that works to send squirrels flying off from the feeder’s surface. Squirrels can slide their way down the feeder itself, but once they get to the feeder’s bottom portion, their weight starts a spinning action that puts them in flight.

Though feeders of this type may seem like the perfect solution to many, they do still come with a bit of a caveat. Squirrels may be successfully thwarted from remaining on the feeder itself, but whenever this happens, a portion of the birdseed will leave the feeder and hit the ground below. If this happens frequently enough, squirrels can collect enough food to keep them happy.

Self-Motivational Talk When You Are Losing Weight

healthy weight lossYour journey to get fit and healthy can be quite intimidating and demanding. One of the best ways of keeping on the set path is by talking to yourself. It may seem strange, but self-motivational talk is a weight loss strategy with a huge positive impact.

We all talk to ourselves unconsciously, in fact, more often that we think. Though talking ourselves thin is doable, it may poses a positive and negative power. Hence, the key to unlocking the right influential self-talk starts with being aware that we are talking to ourselves. It will help or guide you to make the right decisions. The healthy weight loss for women plan is a strong mind set for losing weight through a weight loss motivation plan.

The best approach is putting everything in plain black and white. Avoid sugar coating what you tell yourself. The cold hard truth may sound harsh but hold the necessary fact that you need to tell yourself about your weight loss progress. The only downside is that it may be harder to say such truths. Look at the following scenarios:

You need to spend around 30 minutes running on the treadmill down in your basement but the laziness in you makes you think otherwise. You feel you would rather keep working on the prior engagements.

Talk yourself slim Talk – It centers on nothing short of the cold hard truth. Tell yourself that failure to work out will increase the chances of heart disease, increase the risk of diabetes, lower your muscle capacity and function, lower your ability to even think straight, and deal with stress. You will have lost the chance to build your aerobic base.
Tell yourself facts such as the only way to gain from regular workouts is to keep to the programs. Every day that passes without a workout session gets a step close to a complete halt of your body fitness and health objectives. Remind yourself of the goals you set up to achieve, the lifestyle and health standards you want to have in future. Every decision you makes that makes you rethinking hitting the treadmill robs you of the chances of achieves all your objectives.

Self-sabotage Talk – It brings in the acceptance of comforting lies. That sweet talk that you prefer telling yourself like look how far you have come in your workout program, it is just a one day of rest, you deserve it since you have been working extra hard. One day off will not take you back to where you started! Worry not about diabetes or heart disease for you are in good shape so far. Tomorrow is yet another day for all the workout you need. Take the day off and relax.

Scenario #1 is the idea way of talking yourself slim; the cold hard truth that you need to hear to keep you on the right path. It reminds you of the outcomes of the decisions you make. Scenario #2 is talk that sabotages your weight loss ambitions and efforts.

The way to motivate yourself is always speaking the truth. Pay attention to what you say, for you are talking to yourself more often that you think.

The Reason Men Pull Away

why men lose interestAs we all know, men are simple creatures. When we are in love, our main goal, above all else, is pleasing the woman we love.

The problem comes when we don’t know how to do that.

Often things need to be clearly spelled out for us in a way we can understand.

At times, certain things need to be explained in very obvious terms.

We are eager to learn, and need you to teach us exactly what it is that pleases you. Once we have clarity on what pleases you and what doesn’t, we’ll go out of our way to comply.

As men, it’s part of our make up that we often need some training. Having said that, it’s important not to confuse training with changing.

Why men lose interest?

Very often, when a woman feels the warning signs of her man pulling away, or when she feels he seems to have lost interest in her, it’s because he is feeling pressured into being someone that he is not.

Although, as I said, we are simple creatures, and we will go out of our way to please you as long as we know how, something shifts inside us as soon as we feel you are trying to change us.

When this happens, we will find any excuse to distance ourselves from you, and pull away from what we fear is a fate of being sucked into a quagmire of despair.

Men have the same core need to feel truly and deeply loved for being who they really are, as women do. They want to feel you love them for being exactly who they are right now, not for who you think they could be, or who you want them to be.

So, how do you demonstrate to a man that you genuinely love the real him, exactly as he is, with all of his flaws? Well, there are certain ways that will certainly give him the opposite impression.

What Is the Fastest Way To Push A Man Away?

The fastest and most effective way to push him away is nagging and criticizing. This is a clear sign that you don’t love the real him. Criticism and nagging give him the clear signal that you want him to change. It says you would love him more if he changed who he really is.

This can be fatal to a relationship, and can kill feelings of affection and love permanently. None of us want to feel that we have to prove something to our partner just to be loved by them.

Criticizing him about the fact that he leaves his clothes on the floor, or about his habits (especially those you already knew about when you met him), or judging his choice of friends, will make you a completely different person to the one he fell in love with.

You begin to look a lot like his mother, instead of the hot, carefree girl he lost his heart to, and would do anything for.

Wow! What a turn-off!

This does not mean you have to simply put up with anything he does; it just means that nagging and criticizing do not work.

There are much more effective ways of improving your experience within your relationship, while still preserving the love, affection and fun.

Criticizing and nagging tells him he isn’t good enough for you just as he is.

His authentic self is not good enough, and he is disappointing to you. You can see how damaging this can be – to both his self esteem, and your relationship.

How To Avoid Pushing Him Away

You’ve probably heard the phrase “You catch more flies with honey”. Well, Honey, that is the truth for men too!

The most effective way of reaching a man is using a combination of positive language and behavior, and blunt honesty. As strange as that may sound, it is infinitely more effective than nagging and criticizing.

This is just the way most of us men are.

So, here’s the secret: Lose the nagging and criticism, and replace it with the KISS formula! A warning: This method is extremely powerful, and there is a danger that it can cause more damage than criticism and nagging if abused.

So, what is this mysterious magical KISS formula? And in what way will it help to save my relationship with my man?

Use This Simple Technique To Keep Your Man:

First, use refreshingly blunt honesty and tell him what you like and don’t like. Then use positive language and behavior to tell him how it makes you feel.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, here’s an example of how this works: Instead of shouting “Why can’t you just take out the garbage without me having to ask you every time?!” you’ll say “Honey, I love it so much when you take the garbage out without me having to ask. It makes me feel like you really appreciate me.”

Offering a kiss as a further incentive to continue appreciating is also very effective.

The way a guy’s brain is wired means that positive reinforcement is absorbed and processed much more effectively and efficiently than negative tones, language and behavior – which makes him run in the opposite direction. And that’s when you feel like he’s pulling away from you.

And in fact, that is what he is probably doing, but if you’re willing to adjust your behavior, you’ll see a significant change in his.

So, what do you think?

In your relationships, have you noticed that you “catch more flies with honey”? Do you feel that your guy is pulling away from you right now? And do you think there’s a possibility of it being due to nagging or similar tendencies? Could he be pulling away from you for other reasons?

Or, have you managed to make those changes? Although it may seem unfair, you can’t force someone else to change, the way to see changes in someone else, is to make changes in yourself. This is the way you can control your experience with others.

Rather than feeling this is unfair, focus on how empowering it is!
You have the power to change your relationship by making changes inside yourself, and then enjoying the results!

To help him not pull away to may want to consider these dating tips for women.

Coping With Anxiety Or Panic Attacks Frequently

Do you wish to learn great tips on managing and controlling panic attacks? If you’re reading this article, you likely suffer from either anxiety, panic attacks or you know someone who does. This information and advice we offer can help to reduce the attacks or at least lessen their severity and how often they occur.

Sleep is an important factor in dealing with panic attacks. If you’re not getting enough sleep you are more prone to them. It can also make it more difficult to cope with panic attacks if you aren’t getting the proper sleep. You must train yourself to sit still and avoid any outside distractions and listen to soothing songs being sung to a nice tune. Focus on the words as they are sung. If you’re not able to take your mind off of your condition, your body will be better prepared to recover from it and move back to a normal sense of well being.

If you need to overcome a panic attack, you may wish to tray to regain control over what you’re doing. In order to free yourself from the panic you need to know how to fight the feeling when you feel it coming on.

There are a lot of relaxation techniques you can use to reduce the frequency of panic attacks. Control your breathing and you can learn to control your panic attacks.

Speak with a counselor or another mental health professional if you are struggling to cope with panic attacks. Trained counselors can be helpful in helping you to deal with it. A professional will help you to find ways to lift your mood and to reduce the frequency of the panic attacks.

As you are faced with the fear of panic, ask yourself if there is anything to really be afraid of. Are you really in danger? The answer will generally be no. Take it easy and let the fear dissipate from you.

When you sense a panic attack coming in, distract yourself right away. Concentrate on anything. Your shoes, your favorite song, consider solving a puzzle or mathematical equation. Don’t worry about what the new task is, just do it. This will help to occupy your mind and cope better. This unique strategy helps to reduce full attacks and helps you to be calm once again.

When you feel one coming on, stop, sit and count your breaths. This deep breathing technique helps you to breathe more slowly through your nose. Note how your stomach rises and how you blow the air out through your mouth. Count to five as you inhale, and five as you exhale. Repeat this ten times and you should be feeling much better.

Sometimes, you just have to accept a panic attack. Put your mind on fighting it off and you’ll be able to focus on how the feeling passes much more quickly. Sometimes if you fight it it can make it worse. Accepting it can help you to remain calm and this is a great way to endure it.

Always find someone you can talk to why you’re feeling stress build up. Don’t allow it to overwhelm you instead, talk it out. Words of comfort can go far in helping to reduce and eliminate panic attacks. They can help you to feel safe.

Roll your had from side to side and relax. Stretch your body and reduce the tension. Exercising can actually help to reduce panic attacks.

Panic attacks don’t have to stay with you for life. If you are following this advice you will find ways to cope and rid yourself of these pesky little attacks. Follow these tips and give yourself a better life. Let go of the anxiety that is related to panic attacks. You’ll find that it is in your best interest to learn how to cope and deal with your panic rather than trying to handle them without any coping techniques. If you read this article to help a friend or family member, be a good friend and walk them through these tips and tricks next time they have an attack.

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Help your child with controlling anxiety through the reading and implementing the advice in the book Scaredies Away

Gout Attacks: Severe Joint Pain And Much More

Frequently it all begins in the middle of the night.  The pain can be quite severe and you might feel even worse from a fever.  It can help a bit to lie still.  However, even touching the sheet may be excruciating.  If this happens to you, you have gout.  This common disease is misunderstood frequently.

Myths and realities

Gout over the centuries was considered to be a disease that rich men got due to corpulence, excessive drinking and overeating.  However, modern research has shown that there is no relationship between gout and social status or wealth, and not very related to drink and diet either.  However, one of the traditional views has proven to be right.

Gout is overwhelmingly a man’s disease.  It occurs 7 to 9 times more frequently in men than it does in women.  It is a common disease that strikes approximately 3.4 million American men every year.  In men over the age of 40, gout is the most prevalent kind of inflammatory arthritis.

The Chemical Cause

Accumulation of uric acid is what causes gout.  Uric acid doesn’t serve any useful function for the human body.  It is just a chemical that gets created when purines break down.  Purines are a group of chemicals found in many foods and all body tissues.  In normal situations, the body gets rid of urine acid through excreting it into the urine.  This keeps blood levels low.  However, a metabolic glitch has been inherited by some men that results in an increase in blood uric acids.  Certain medications, like niacin, thiazide diuretics and low dose aspirin can increase uric acid levels as well.

The high levels can lead to gout, however not right away.  Uric acid levels, in fact, are often elevated for a 20 to 30 year period before they start causing any problems.  That is the main reason why gout normally occurs in men that are middle aged or older.  However, a rapid decrease in uric acid levels can also trigger gout.  That is why as many as 30% of men that have a gout attack have a normal uric acid level.

A gout attack takes place when an excess amount of uric acid gets deposited inside a joint and urate crystals form, which irritate the lining of the joint.  White blood cells attempt to eat the crystals up.  However, they aren’t equal to this task, because the white cells are damaged themselves and release chemicals that cause pain, swelling and inflammation.

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8 Tips To Cut Your Toddler’s Hair

Your toddler’s first haircut may only need to be a quick snip of a few pieces of hair. Of course, baby’s grow into toddlers and their hair will continue to grow. There are a lot of reasons parents may decide to cut their toddler’s hair in lieu of going to an awesome barber in Largo like Pete’s New York Barber and Styling Shop.

From financial reasons to simple convenience. These steps will assist you when you come to that point and need to cut your toddler’s hair.

1. Choose a time when your toddler is well and happy. Never try to cut his or her hair if he or she is tired, sick or hungry. Never try to cut your toddler’s hair prior to a huge event. You already have enough pressure. Your toddler will feel this stress and transfer it to him or herself.

2. Practice before you start. To get your toddler into the game plan play pretend hair cut with him or her. Go through the actions so that he or she will know how it’s going to be.

3. Have distractions that are ready. You’ll need them. Consider something not requiring movement such as a favorite television show or DVD to distract him or her.

Consider having some things within your reach so that you can hand them to your toddler. Something that they don’t normally get to hold or play with will be ideal. Jewelry or a siblings toy that they don’t usually get to play with is ideal.

Keep favorite snacks handy. A few of their favorite crackers on the tray in front of them are ideal distractions. Just make sure you aren’t putting any hair on the food.

Enlist a helper to help you distract your toddler.

4. Strap them into a booster chair or high chair so that they can’t escape. This works especially well if the back is low enough for you to cut all the way around. This way you won’t have to adjust your toddler’s position during the haircut.

5. Choose hair cutting scissors as they are sharper and designed for that exact purpose. Household scissors can be dull and won’t give clean cuts.

You can find hair cutting scissors in your pharmacy or at your favorite grocer or at a beauty supply store.

6. Consider laying newsprint on the floor so that clean up is a breeze. Wrap a large bath towel or sheet around your toddler and clip with a clothes pin.

Use a spray bottle with water to help dampen hair. Only spray where your working so you won’t upset your toddler.

7. Use a thin comb and comb the hair all the way to the end. Clip sections back and then pull the section up that you’re going to cut and hold it between your first and second fingers. Cut above your fingers. Keep the length this way all the way around.

It’s easier to work in sections and if your toddler is impatient take a break. You can do the rest later today or tomorrow.

8. Always keep up praise and the positive reinforcement. Let your child know how proud of them you are and that they are doing a fantastic job for you of sitting still. Consider having a reward of some kind at the end such as a favorite treat or toy. Rewards work wonders at this age.

My Shed Plans Review

If you are looking for the best and most complete guide on how to build an outstanding shed right from scratch, then the My Shed Plan guide is what you need. You can select shed plans from My Shed Plans for most types of sheds.

The writer of the guide, Ryan Henderson, offers very detailed step-by-step instructions and blueprint that can easily be understood and interpreted by even shed construction beginners. Ryan’s My Shed Plan Guide offers shed builders’ up to 12,000 woodworking patterns and shed plans to choose from.

After you have signed up, you instantly get access to the entire package for downloading. Just in case it is the first time you are downloading anything from the internet, there are simple and easy to understand downloading instructions provided for in the site’s members area. After purchasing the guide you have all the woodworking blueprints and shed plans with you in under 5 minutes. What this means is that you get the whole package at a lower cost as shipping costs are eliminated. However, if you prefer having it on CD, you could opt to buy it and have it sent to you via mail at an extra cost.

While woodworking can be rather time consuming, coming up with the perfect shed plan is what could prove to be a headache. With My Shed Plans Elite, you get a wide array of designs from which you could choose from to construct a shed that suites your needs; spending lesser time coming up with, and creating one. With this guide, everything is simplified. The objective of Ryan’s My Shed Plans guide is to make the shed creation and woodworking process fun for builders. By following the instructions he provides, making a shed will take you lesser time and will be more of a fun activity for you.

The guide includes plans on how to create garden benches, dog kennels, arbors, fences, swing sets, outdoor fireplaces, storage sheds, and nursery wagons amongst a ton of other things. The Elite package goes a step further and offers plans for creating larger structures like outbuildings and garages. Using this guide, you could even learn how to build elevated sawdust bins, garden windmills, lawn tool storage cabinets and much more. This is one book that will turn any novice woodworker into an expert.

Ryan’s My Shed Plans guide will also teach you how to build sheds at lower costs. By following the provided instructions and plans, you could build outstanding sheds much cheaper than the overly-priced ready-made sheds. And if you have the required tools and resources, you could even end up building a decent shed at no cost at all.

The Elite version of My Shed Plans details everything clearly. As such, there is no need to worry about ideas running out. This package even comes packed with 2 bonuses- the first being on roofing and foundations and the second containing tricks, tips and woodworking secrets that will prove to be extremely useful to you.

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The 10-10-10 Rule: Keeping Your Eyes Healthy

Are you concerned about your vision? Do you spend much of your day working at the computer, watching television and reading books? If so, the 10-10-10 rule is something you should implement throughout your day. The rule is simple; every time you spend more than 10 minutes straining your vision, you need to look away and focus on an object at least 10 feet from you. Hold your gaze there for ten seconds and then return to what you were doing. If you get in the habit of doing this now, you can help your eyes stay healthy for a long time!

Do You Have an Office Job?

If you work in an office, chances are you spend a lot of time in front of the computer. While the machine can certainly help you get a lot accomplished, staring at the screen all day can take a toll on your vision. The American Optometric Association notes that some of the symptoms associated with Computer Vision Syndrome are tired eyes, blurry vision (up close or far away) and headaches. In addition, some sufferers complain of red eyes, dry eyes, sore eyes, burning eyes or eyestrain. Finally, glare sensitivity, lots of tearing, uncomfortable contact lenses, issues with color perception and focus difficulties are all common as well.

If these symptoms sound familiar, it is important to learn all you can about CVS. Of course, stepping away from the computer and reducing your usage will help alleviate your symptoms. However, if your livelihood depends on the work you do, that is simply not an option. There are a few other things you can try, however.

1. Cut back on glare.

Tired eyes are often the result of improper office lighting. To cut back on glare, first examine your space. Figure out where the glare is coming from; the windows are a likely culprit, as is the computer screen. Once you determine the source of the glare, see if you can eliminate it. For example, installing a few blinds in your office cuts back on the amount of sunlight that streams in. Leaving the lights off during the day can also help. However, if you decide to do that, make sure there is still enough natural light in the space. Your computer monitor generates light, and you do not want there to be too much contrast between your screen and your office environment. If there is, it will hurt your eyes.

Consider moving your desk so that you are not facing the window. You also want to avoid being directly under bright overhead lights. Instead, position your desk just to the side of the window or the overhead light. That is often the best spot to reduce glare and reflections.

Finally, while task lights come in handy, they can also make things hard on your eyes. Use a bulb with low wattage, and ensure the light does not shine right on the computer or your face. Your eyes will thank you.

2. Get up and move around.

Many workers find they get in a zone while working on the computer. It is easy for time to slip away unnoticed. However, the 10-10-10 rule should always be at the forefront of your mind. If you find you can’t break quite that often, at least stop every hour and give yourself a short, ten minute break. Step away from the computer, blink your eyes and allow your head to clear.

3. Establish an ergonomic work space.

Just because you are in the office doesn’t mean you can’t take care of your body. Simple changes make your work environment more comfortable for you and easier on your eyes. For example, turn your monitor so that you don’t have to crane your neck or your eyes to see what you are doing. Your eyes often dictate what your body does; your body is going to adjust itself so that your eyes can see well. That means you might unconsciously twist your back or your neck so that your eyes can do their work. Ensure your monitor is about a foot and a half from you, and place it so that it is straight in front of your face. In addition, rather than looking up at the monitor, you should be looking down. That is the best position for your eyes.

4. Make screen adjustments.

When you type in Word, the default is a white background with black letters. That is because visibility is best this way. Take a cue from your writing program and try and set your computer up so that you are working with a white background and black characters as often as possible. If that can’t be done, simply try to set it up so that there is a large contrast between your background color and your character color. Also, you don’t want your background to be too dark.

Do you have a flat panel monitor? If so, you have an advantage over people using a cathode ray tube display. The screen has better contrast and usually does not flicker. Plus, CRT displays gets worse with time, although it is hard to tell that when you have nothing to compare it to. If you have a CRT display at work, think about getting an upgrade. Doing so should cut back on your CVS symptoms and make it easier for you to get your work done.

Remember, you can control how bright your screen is and how big the text is as well. Make sure you do not have to strain to see what you are writing. If anything, make the text a little bigger than you think you need.

5. Give your eyes a break.

Once you get home, take some time just for your eyes. Go upstairs, run some cold water over a washcloth and lay it on your face for ten minutes. You’ll feel refreshed when you get up to go about your business again.

6. Be healthy.

Itchy, irritated eyes can make it difficult to get through the day. Instead of relying on over the counter medication, try to stay hydrated. In addition, add beta-carotine rich foods to your diet. These foods are good for your eyes and can help them avoid fatigue. Finally, if you continue to experience dry eyes and you wear contacts, think about switching to glasses when you are on the computer.

There are a number of things you can do to alleviate your CVS symptoms. Above all else, though, remember the 10-10-10 rule!

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Install A Solar Panel On Your Garden Shed Roof for Electricity

Solar PowerSolar panels are regarded as one of the most innovative inventions in the power supply field. Their importance in various areas simply cannot be denied. Even so, there are still many things that you should take into account when trying to decide what kind of solar panel to use for a particular installation. This is even true for garden sheds. There are a few different factors you need to think about before you Install A Solar Panel On Your Garden Shed Roof for Electricity.

Here is a great source for solar panels and solar power inverters.

When considering various factors about putting a solar power panel in your garden shed, you should include the following: Is the shed in a good location to collect sunlight? Is the shed strong enough to hold the weight of the panels? How much energy will the panel create and is that enough to suit my needs? You will be on the right track once you can answer these questions.

Much like the real estate business, the location of your shed is critical when it comes to using solar energy. For the best results, your shed needs to be in direct sunlight for several hours during the day. You cannot put a shed in a shady area and expect it to collect sunlight for electricity.

There are other factors related to the location of your shed that are also important. One of these factors is height. Sheds that are placed on elevated ground will collect more sunlight than a shed located in a low lying area. You should also find out about your local weather patterns. In general, panels located in cold areas that get little sunlight will not be able to generate much energy.

Another thing you need to consider is the actual structure of your shed. In addition to making sure the shed is sturdy enough to support the weight of the panel, you also need to take measurements so that you know which size to purchase.

Solar panels can be quite heavy and placing one on a shed that is not equipped to hold the weight can spell disaster. In order to find out if it’s worth your time to install a panel in your shed, you need to determine how much energy you need, how you will use it and which panel can meet those needs. You should also think about how the way your roof is angled will affect the collection of sunlight. The overall size of the roof will limit the maximum number of panels that you will be able to install.

After you prepare your shed to be fitted with the solar panels, you need to think about how you will use and store the energy that the panels will generate. You may need to purchase batteries or solar cells for storing the energy for later. This also means that you need to use a direct current for the installation, which is less expensive. Alternating current is typically connected to the primary grid and used to power residential electrical needs.

Hooking your solar panels up to your primary electrical grid can have both positive and negative consequences, depending on your perspective. The energy that is generated has to be transported through a dual meter or electric meter mechanism, so your power company will have the ability to see how many units of power you generated and used. This often results in a cheaper electric bill for you. Unfortunately, in order to be able to use the solar power, your primary grid also has to be turned on, so you will not be able to use your solar power if your primary electricity goes out.

This is why it is a good idea to store the generated solar electricity inside solar batteries. You will be able to use your solar energy without worrying about the power company’s rules.

When you have considered all of these things, you can proceed to install solar panels on your shed.

Ryan garden shed plans are a great source for do-it-yourselfers who what to build a garden shed in the backyard.

How to discipline toddlers

When you have a young child, you may still be thinking about your sweet little baby that you brought home from the hospital. While you should still love your children the same, never hesitate to apply discipline whenever the situation fits.

When you want to discipline toddlers, make sure that you do everything that you can to help curb the problems, while also teaching your child why you disciplined them. The last thing you want to do is just lay down the hammer with no rhyme or reason. When you do this, no lesson is learned, and your child will simply think that you are angry with them.

While you may be angry, it is very important that you act in a business like fashion when it comes time to positive discipline for toddlers. There are many methods that will allow you to do this, so be sure that you understand them and apply them as needed. Different strategies might work with different children, so make sure that you understand the issues that come with the territory, so that you are able to straighten them out and make sure that you are properly teaching them right from wrong.

Time out

Giving your children a time out from play or their usual activities is often an effective strategy for disciplining them. You will want to make sure that you make the time out an unenjoyable experience, so if they love nothing more than watching television and playing video games, sending them to their room, where they are able to play all they want, is not a viable strategy. Instead, consider having them sit or stand in the corner, doing nothing but staring at the wall. This is incredibly dull and boring, and they will wish that they were able to go about their business and play like they were doing previously.

Taking Away an Item

Another way to discipline toddlers is to take away fun time that they may enjoy. For instance, if your child loves their toy car, take the toy car away for a certain amount of time. This way, you will be able to make sure that they can learn their lesson, since they will miss the toy and want it back. You should impart to them that if they behave themselves, and don’t do whatever got them in trouble in the first place, then they will be able to get their toy back.

While disciplining the child, make sure that you tell them why you are doing it, when it happens. This way, they will learn immediately why they are in trouble, and it will not be a situation of simply being angry as a parent.

If you do all that you can to impart these lessons to your child, they will understand what they should be doing in order to behave. These methods are great ways to curb their temper tantrums and misbehavior, so do all that you can in order to learn how to make them better people.

Parents learn more about toddler discipline in a free parenting tips video.