Science and Technology in National Development

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Advancement in technology has changed everything very quickly. It has changed the entire paradigm of every walk of life. No field can rise without science and technology. In this article, we will cover different aspects of science and technology and their role in national development.

What is Science and Technology?

Science deals with the behavior and structure of the natural and physical world through observation and experiments. On the other hand, technology is the practical use of scientific knowledge.

Development is directly linked with the advancement in technology and technology happens due to the advancement in science. Hence development, technology, and science are all proportional to each other.

Therefore, science is a study of knowledge to analyze and understand the facts and technology is an application of acquired scientific facts.

Role of Science and Technology in national development

Development is the basic need of every individual to all nations in aspects. When science, technology, and development go hand in hand, the nation rises. For any successful economy, especially in today’s era, science, technology, and engineering are the basic requirements.

Any nation that doesn’t implement science and technology, the development chances get minimal. As a result, such a nation falls in an undeveloped nation list. In all means of modernity, science and technology is very crucial. It is an indispensable tool for rapid development.

Science and technology has introduced numerous gadgets in every walk of life. Science gives the facts and technology implements them in a tangible apparatus to resolve human problems. Name any sectors in the modern era, you will find modern equipment there.

Different problems that have become major bottlenecks to the growth of any country, science, and technology has eradicated that. For example,

  • Health aspects
  • Improvement in the standard of education
  • Availability of safe drinking water and healthy food
  • Infrastructure

All advancements happen just because of science and technology. The nations who don’t give attention in this field, they become dependent on the other nation even for the basic requirements.

Countries’ classification due to Science and Technology

Today, there are two types of countries: developed and developing countries. This categorization depends on the economy and economy depends on science and technology. If you carefully examine the list of both types of countries, you will see that developed countries have a strong base in science and technology. A few examples of developed countries are Norway, Switzerland and the United States.

The countries that spend a hefty amount in the science and technology field, are growing faster such as China, India, and Japan, etc. According to the report of the World Bank, almost seven of the ten largest economies in the world would be in Asia by 2020. That includes China, India, Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, and South Korea.

If you go back a few years back, these countries used to be categorized as a poor nation. Poor policies, no advancement, and low discipline are their identity. After that, they utilized science and technology in an effective manner. Now due to the advancement in science and technology, they are getting developed very faster.

It is a fact that everyone judges the development and prosperity of a country or a nation by the status of science and technology. So if a country is not good at science and technology, it means they are backward and underdeveloped nations in all sectors. It is not a herculean task to figure it out. Just look at Japan and the USA. They invested a decent amount for science and technology and research purpose, now you can find them in the highest stratum of development. On the other hand, take a country like Nepal and Maldives, they invest very less amount in science and technology are standing in the lowest ladder of development.

The role of science and technology in different fields

Science and technology has played a vivid role to improve living conditions across the planet. However, all countries still need to maximize the benefits. It has made the life of everyone a lot easier and better with the analysis of diseases and advancement in medicine. Apart from the medical field, it has uplifted the educational sector, communication system, industrial zone, and agriculture, etc.

Science and technology has increased the economic output almost 17 folds in the 20th century in the globe. Even after the advancement in all sectors, the world is still not 100% free from hunger, poverty, illiteracy, pollution, and disease. The gap between the poor and rich is still at its peak. Now in the 21st century, science and technology are growing rapidly due to the right applications of research. There is high chance to eradicate poverty from the planet.

Without technology, we wouldn’t have access to an enormous amount of precious information sources such as the internet. It is the most powerful source of communication. All countries spend a good amount of information and technology. If you examine different factors of developed countries, information and technology will be one of them.

There are different branches of science, developed countries invest a handsome amount in every field. It is because all fields straight affect the development of the country. Let’s take a few fields as an example:

  • Development of nuclear technology
  • Development of satellites
  • Metrological science
  • Nanotechnology
  • Wireless communication
  • Space technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Defense technology, etc.

Final words

In this era, no nation can grow without proper implementation of science and technology. After implementing science and technology, a few underdeveloped countries proved that any nation can rise by utilizing science and technology. All developed countries are competing with each other to take over in science and technology. All realities we are seeing nowadays just because of science and technology.

We as citizens of the country and other responsible should take responsibility to equip our generation with all possible scientific facilities. We should support and motivate them and increase their thirst for national development. The authorities who have the future of our nation in their hands should clear the hurdles in front of science and technology. Urge the youth to take part in scientific activities to bring advancement in the levels that it is today.



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